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    • 20-12-08 18:32
    논문 제목 Integrating Driving Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator with Large-Scale VANET Simulator for Evaluation of Cooperative Eco-Driving System
    게재 학회 MDPI-Electronics
    게재 년월 2020.10
    페이지 16
    참여 연구원 Geonil Lee, Seongmin Ha and Jae-il Jung
    Recent advances in information and communication technology (ICT) have enabled interaction and cooperation between components of the transportation system, and cooperative eco-driving systems that apply ICT to eco-driving systems are receiving significant attention. A cooperative eco-driving system is a complex system that requires consideration of the electronic control unit (ECU) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication. To evaluate these complex systems, it is needed to integrate simulators with expertise. Therefore, this study presents an integrated driving hardware-in-the-loop (IDHIL) simulator for the testing and evaluation of cooperative eco-driving systems. The IDHIL simulator is implemented by integrating the driving hardware-in-the-loop simulator and a vehicular ad hoc network simulator to develop and evaluate a hybrid control unit and cooperative eco-driving application for the connected hybrid electric vehicle (CHEV). A cooperative eco-driving speed guidance application is utilized to demonstrate the use of our simulator. The results of the evaluation show the improved fuel efficiency of the CHEV through a calculation of the optimal speed profile and the optimal distribution of power based on V2X communication. Finally, this paper concludes with a description of future directions for the testing and evaluation of cooperative eco-driving systems.