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    • 21-08-11 11:45
    논문 제목 Interference Rejection Combining Approach in Vehicle Communication Systems for Throughput Enhancement
    게재 학회 Electronics
    게재 년월 2021.08
    참여 연구원 Yunjoong Park, Sangmo Sung, Joonyoung Kim and Jae-il Jung
    In this paper, we present interference rejection combining scheme for interference suppression in wireless access in vehicular environments (WAVE) system. WAVE system performances depend on interference traffic since various signals and noises are present due to various vehicles on the road. The IRC scheme can minimize the interference presence from the received signal within the massive interference condition, resulting in the substantial gain of signal-to-interference and noise ratios (SINR) and performance. Based on the experiment of our proposed scheme, given the vehicle speed, SINR and different channel condition, our proposed scheme for interference suppression achieved significant improvements by 2 dB SINR performance gain in the low speed condition and above 0.5 dB performance gain at the high speed case. To extend our scheme for the comprehensive analysis, we also produced the vehicle speed and SINR performance map, which showed the performance pattern over vehicle speed and SINR of our scheme.