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    • 22-01-20 10:20
    논문 제목 Decentralized Platoon Join-in-Middle Protocol Considering Communication Delay for Connected and Automated Vehicle
    게재 학회 Sensors
    게재 년월 2021.10
    참여 연구원 Geonil Lee, Jae-Il Jung
     Cooperative driving is an essential component of intelligent transport systems (ITSs). It promises greater safety, reduced accidents, efficient traffic flow, and fuel consumption reduction. Vehicle platooning is a representative service model for ITS. The principal sub-systems of platooning systems for connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) are cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) systems and platoon management systems. Based on vehicle state information received through vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication, the CACC system allows platoon vehicles to maintain a narrower safety distance. In addition, the platoon management system using V2V communications allows vehicles to perform platoon maneuvers reliably and accurately. In this paper, we propose a CACC system with a variable time headway and a decentralized platoon join-in-middle maneuver protocol with a trajectory planning system considering the V2V communication delay for CAVs. The platoon join-in-middle maneuver is a challenging research subject as the research must consider the requirement of a more precise management protocol and lateral control for platoon safety and string stability. These CACC systems and protocols are implemented on a simulator for a connected and automated vehicle system, PreScan, and we validated our approach using a realistic control system and V2V communication system provided by PreScan.