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    No. 논문 제목 게재 학회 게재년월 참여 연구원 파일
    14 The Handover Algorithm that Considers the User's Mobility Pattern in Wireless ATM ITC-CSCC 2000 2000 Hoon-ki Kim, Young-joon Kim, jae-il jung
    13 MMAC: An Efficient wnATM MAC for multicast communications IEEE Globecom'99 December 1999 WonTae Kim, YongJin Park, Jae-il JUNG
    12 Performance analysis of AAL5 FIFO multiplexer for guaranteeing QoS requirements in CBR MPEG-2 service ICOIN13 January 1999 Jong-hoon LIM, Jae-il JUNG
    11 A strategy for construction of a 40 Mbps bundle of MPEG VBR bit streams IEEE Conference on 1996 1996 Chang, S.G; Suh, D.Y; Kyung, M.H; Park, S.H; Jung, J.I
    10 Object-Oriented B-ISDN Service Modeling ICCC '95 August 1995 J. I. Jung et al.
    9 Use case driven structured analysis IEEE COMPSAC August 1995 J. I. Jung et al.
    8 Analysis of Interworking of B-ISDN and N-ISDN IWAET 1995 J. I. Jung et al.
    7 Translation of QoS Parameters into ATM Performance Parameters in B-ISDN 2nd International IFIP Conference on Broadband Communications March 1994 J. I. Jung, D. Seret
    6 QoS Aspects in Multimedia Applications IEEE MULTIMEDIA'94 May 1994 J. I. Jung et al.
    5 A Proposal of the Design Methodology for Communication Systems Using SDL Joint Technical Conference on Circuits, Systems, Computers and Communications*94 December 1993 J. I. Jung, S.B. Kim
    4 QoS management and performance monitoring in ATM networks IEEE GLOBECOM'93 November 1993 J. I. Jung, A. Gravey
    3 QoS in B-ISDN: Translation of AAL QoS Parameters into ATM Layer QoS Parameters CRACOW Int*l Workshop on Requirements and Techniques for Network Management May 1993 J. I. Jung
    2 Quality of service in B-ISDN and relation with network management Third Joint Workshop of ENST-University of Stuttgart on High Speed Network March 1993 J. I. Jung, D. Seret
    1 Translation of QoS parameters into ATM performance parameters in B-ISDN IEEE INFOCOM'93 March 1993 J. I. Jung, D. Seret